Anne Gartz

“Honesty, kindness and loyalty define my social skills, which are essential parts of my relationship with our clients and the team at AQUAN. Working in this team daily increases my passion and enthusiasm for becoming an attorney-at-law. My purpose is to work conscientiously with the highest motivation and engagement to create the best possible outcome for the client.”

Anne Gartz is a paralegal with AQUAN Rechtsanwälte. She studied in Düsseldorf and passed her first State Exam in 2017. She works part-time at AQUAN, while she studies to become an attorney-at-law. As part of her training, she is also working part-time as a legal clerk at the regional court (Landgericht) in Möchengladbach.

Away from work Anne enjoys fitness training, travelling and socialising. She is also a keen follower of the arts.