Restructuring and Insolvency

From time to time, all businesses go through difficulties. This can happen for a variety of reasons ranging from those outside an owner’s control, such as economic uncertainty, to internal issues such as poorly structured debt or executive unrest.

We help companies and their shareholders to restructure during such difficult times. This might involve refinancing and asset sales, or it might mean opening the business up to fresh investment. If required, we can help clients to avoid bankruptcy and find trade on solutions, and other options, for their businesses in Germany and elsewhere.

We regularly represent creditors in bankruptcy or insolvency cases, recovering assets and defending their rights and priorities. This includes enforcing the liability of directors and officers and pursuing recession claims under insolvency rules.

AQUAN’s deep links with international partners mean they can help to recover assets in jurisdictions across the world.

For Restructuring and Insolvency Enquiries

Urs Breitsprecher

My interest in the commercial interactions between law and the economy, and a keen sense of justice lead me to pursue a legal career.

My motivation comes from my daily interactions with people, and the opportunity to engage and support them. I enjoy being able to help clients to achieve their objectives, whether in court, or in negotiations.

To me, building a personal and trusting relationship with my clients is paramount.