Middle East Specialism

AQUAN’s Middle East Desk is led by Urs Breitsprecher.

Our team has extensive understanding of the GCC region’s specific requirements and offers clients investing into the Middle East a range of solutions tailored to their individual needs. We provide legal advice across a number of specialist areas, including Shariah-compliant investments and Islamic finance.

In order to effectively counsel clients in the greater Middle East, we draw upon our international reach, regional experience and close working relationships with other local law firms. Our lawyers already represent multinationals and contractors doing business in the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

We also help Middle Eastern clients conducting business in Europe and further afield.

AQUAN is a partner of ISFIN, the leading advisory network for emerging markets. Our network includes trusted colleagues who can help out on the ground throughout the Middle East.

Client Benefits

We have expert knowledge and a thorough understanding of the challenges international or Middle Eastern investors may face when establishing their structures.

After discussing your individual needs, our Middle East team will liaise with specialist departments across our firm and network to identify the best solutions for you based on your specifications or objectives, ensuring a seamless service.

You will have one dedicated contact person who is an Arabic speaker, if required.