Italian Desk

AQUAN’s Italian Desk is led by Laura Nordhausen. She is a native speaker in German and Italian and has successfully accompanied various mandates with Italian touch points.

Germany is one of the most important trading partner for Italy. AQUAN advises Italian business people who want to establish their business in Germany or relocate their registered office. The other way around, we – together with our local trusted partners – also advise German companies that want to set up a branch in Italy.

Our team has the necessary in-depth knowledge of Italian culture and specific requirements needed to deal successfully with the needs of our Italian clients doing business in Germany or vis-versa, German clients doing business in Italy. If you intend to do business in Italy, it is advisable to take into account the legal peculiarities of Italian law. For example, the agreement of a retention of title or the inclusion of general terms and conditions in Italian law is more difficult than in German law. In an asset deals all contracts and agreements can go over to the buyer automatically under art. 2556 et seq. of the Italian civil code.

AQUAN can support you in all international business and legal questions in connection with Italy and accompany you on your way. Regardless of whether it is a matter of drafting contracts in German and/or Italian or the formation of companies.

Client Benefits

In addition, AQUAN is a member of the IR Global Network and the German-Italian Lawyers Association. These memberships offer advantages in the successful processing of mandates since the network can be used to rely on suitable cooperation partners on site. Our network consists of trusted colleagues who can help locally in Italy.

AQUAN has trusted cooperation partners, regardless of whether you want to pursue your goals in court or out of court.