Inbound Outbound Investments

We specialise in helping foreign clients with their German and European business needs. This advice covers a broad range of legal areas including contracts, real estate, tax issues, as well as banking and finance.

Germany offers different types of direct investment options which need to be assessed in the light of the intended activity and the investor’s objectives.

Direct investments through a permanent establishment or permanent representative are possible, as is commencing business as a sole proprietor. Another option is to set up a German limited liability company. The type and duration of activities, plus business risk and tax consequences are all important factors in the decision on which route to take.

Through our substantial international networks, we can also help German clients to expand their businesses abroad.

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Urs Breitsprecher

My interest in the commercial interactions between law and the economy, and a keen sense of justice lead me to pursue a legal career.

My motivation comes from my daily interactions with people, and the opportunity to engage and support them. I enjoy being able to help clients to achieve their objectives, whether in court, or in negotiations.

To me, building a personal and trusting relationship with my clients is paramount.