Data Protection

With the entry into force of the GDPR on 25 May 2018, a new era of data protection has begun. Although not everything in it is new, awareness regarding the GDPR has increased and the penalties for data protection violations have become more draconian.

This new era brings some changes for both businesses and individuals. A strict documentation of the internal data processing, extensive information duties as well as various data subjects’ rights are to be considered. The incorrect handling of personal data can lead to high penalties.

The General Data Protection Regulation aims at a standardised and strong data protection within the European Union, without endangering the free movement of data within the EU. The data protection regulation should not be met with too much worry, but every company should adjust adequately to the new requirements if needed.

AQUAN can help you with the entire realisation of the new GDPR so that you are perfectly prepared for protecting data and also able to pursue your business as usual. Proper handling of external personal data as well as an internal GDPR-compliant data protection management are mandatory.

We assist you in setting up a data protection policy, creating directories for the data processing as well as declarations regarding data protection and consent. We conduct website checks, create contracts concerning the processing of mandates and review data processing. We can also provide you with a certified data protection officer for your company.

In doing so, an individually adapted concept can be developed for you and your company with which you can face the new requirements at eye level.