Bad Debt Management

Delayed or even deferred payments by debtors often entail a considerable amount of work for the creditor and in the worst case endanger the liquidity of your company.

By entrusting our law firm with your bad debt management, you lose no time in the enforcement of your claims against defaulting debtors. Through our network of trusted partners, we can chase your money nearly everywhere in the world. After a one-time reminder by our law firm, a legal proceeding against your debtors can be instituted without delay and fully supervised by us, a feat that many debt collection companies cannot offer. In addition, we carefully examine the enforceability and the chances of success of a dunning procedure in advance and strive first and foremost for a quick out-of-court collection of receivables.

Due to the handling of the entire process by your experienced lawyers at AQUAN, there are no delays in communication. With us you always have a personal contact person who is familiar with your case and who advises and looks after you individually and professionally. As an additional service, we offer you the opportunity on our homepage to upload documents for direct processing and speedy clarification of the matter online – this greatly simplifies your efforts, especially when collecting bulk.