Managing Partner

Urs Breitsprecher

“My interest in the commercial interactions between law and the economy, and a keen sense of justice lead me to pursue a legal career.

My motivation comes from my daily interactions with people, and the opportunity to engage and support them. I enjoy being able to help clients to achieve their objectives, whether in court, or in negotiations.

To me, building a personal and trusting relationship with my clients is paramount.”

Urs is managing partner at AQUAN Rechtsanwälte, forming the business after 15 years of legal practice in Düsseldorf.

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Dr. Jana Schott

“I have dreamt about becoming a lawyer since I was a child. This focus means that I pursue my profession with passion, excitement and creativity; emotions that form a key element of my relationship to our clients. My most important reward is gaining your trust.”

Jana is one of the founding partners at AQUAN Rechtsanwälte. Before she joined the firm, she spent two years working as an attorney-at-law in a team run by Urs Breitsprecher.

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Laura Nordhausen

„I have always seen challenges as a means for personal growth and gaining new experiences. I look forward to new challenges that our clients bring along with them and enthusiastically embrace them with the passion I have for the legal profession.

When you turn your passion into a profession, the joy of the daily work outweighs so much that your creativity will be boundless.”

Laura is an attorney at AQUAN Rechtsanwälte.

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Anne Gartz

“Honesty, kindness and loyalty define my social skills, which are essential parts of my relationship with our clients and the team at AQUAN. Working in this team daily increases my passion and enthusiasm for becoming an attorney-at-law. My purpose is to work conscientiously with the highest motivation and engagement to create the best possible outcome for the client.”

Anne Gartz is a paralegal with AQUAN Rechtsanwälte. She studied in Düsseldorf and passed her first State Exam in 2017. She works part-time at AQUAN, while she studies to become an attorney-at-law. As part of her training, she is also working part-time as a legal clerk at the regional court (Landgericht) in Möchengladbach.

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Linia Ghilamicael

“Since I began my studies, I have developed real enthusiasm for financial and legal issues. These two fields are united in my work as a paralegal at AQUAN. Direct and open lines of communication, commitment and sincerity are the personal characteristics that set me apart. To me these values are also the basis of a successful cooperation, whether it be with our clients or the team.” Linia Ghilamicael received her Bachelor of Science in business administration from the University of Duisburg, Essen in 2017. She began studying for a Masters of Law the same year, focusing on company law and M&A.

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